About Us

As dog owners ourselves, we know life is better with dogs and the love they give is immeasurable.

Our dogs, Bronte and Luna are cherished members of our family and we're sure yours are too, so we've been busy designing a range of lifestyle products, which truly support their inclusion into our lives. 


Why choose Pawmanity?

Proudly Australian owned and operated, we are driven by a passion for dogs and a desire to increase adoption levels of homeless pets across Australia. 

The Pawmanity difference

We don’t want to make something that is already out there so every product design that we create is unique. We want Pawmanity products to work better, look better and last longer.

Our beliefs

  • We believe dogs are part of the family.
  • We believe attention to detail is paramount.
  • We believe that quality takes time and patience.
  • Compassion, safety and practicality are at the core of all our product designs.
  • We will only use superior fabrics that can withstand claws, dirt and fur with ease.
  • We believe that by promoting adoption and supporting the efforts of rescue organisations and shelters we can help increase the adoption levels of homeless pets across the country.

Who will we help?

Every single Pawmanity item sold will make a difference. 

Every purchase made supports an Australian animal rescue organisation, helping them continue the valuable work they do in the community, rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned or unwanted pets and finding them loving forever homes. These groups provide food, safety, medical care, training and rehabilitation and rely on donations and volunteers to support a dog's integration back into a loving home. 

Will our products work for your dog?

We would never send out anything that hasn’t been thoroughly tested by our Ambassadogs and/or our network of product testers to ensure we receive real world feedback from dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities. You can rest assured that by the time an item hits our virtual shelves, it has been put through its paces and certified tough, safe and durable enough for your dog.