Travel safety tips in hot weather

The safety of your pet is paramount

  • Don’t leave your pet in the car for any length of time. A dog left in a car can die within as little as 6 minutes as they are not able to sweat to cool themselves.
  • A dog panting inside a car will raise the temperature even more quickly.
    Leaving the window down or parking in the shade does little to stop the temperature rising in the car.
  • Provide your pet with plenty of water at rest stops
  • Always look before you leave the car to ensure no-one’s been left behind
  • Plan ahead when you need to buy petrol so you don’t need to leave the car
  • When planning longer journeys, consider travelling in the cooler hours of the day and consider stopping every two hours so all passengers, including your dog, will have an opportunity to stretch their legs
  • On every trip, short or long, take the time to check your dog's safety by re-checking the fit of their harnesses and restraints

What to do if you see a dog struggling in a hot car?

  • Note down the registration number of the car.
  • Ask nearby business if you can make an announcement just in case the owner is in a café or shopping centre.
  • Call triple zero (000) and outline the problem
  • Wait by the car until help arrives.